comprehensive POINT-OF-CARE analysis of coagulation

We develop new methodologies and applications in hemostasis. Our purpose is to facilitate access for all patients to innovative diagnostic methodologies, adding value to the medical practice, improving the quality of care and the safety of people.


Viscoelastic testing

Global analysis of coagulation through viscoelastic testing provides objective data to guide bleeding management in critical care.

Safety and efficiency

Viscoelastic testing has been proved to reduce unnecessary blood product usage, while improving patient outcome. Informed decisions allow to minimize the risks related to both bleeding and transfusions.


Our goal is to facilitate access to advanced testing for every patient. We are focused in providing better economics and simplifying use without compromising performance


All for one

Developing a new assay requires understanding the medical problem first and then applying knowledge from multiple disciplines. Our team is composed by specialists in hemathology, medicine, physics, biochemistry and engineeering  working together to provide the best solutions.

Blood Rheology

A true global coagulation assay shouId be able to measure blood properties from the liquid state through all the stages of clot development. We achieve this by incorporating flow analysis in our assays.

Small samples, fast results

We apply the advantages of microfluidics, such as low sample volume, portability, integration, multiplexed screening and flow based analysis to rethink coagulation analysis

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